Thank you for consulting with Timber Path Ranch and meeting our family of Leonbergers dogs, who are responsible for our FIVE STAR rating on "Puppy Find".  After nearly 19 years of loving, raising and training Leonbergers, in our opinion, this is the best giant family dog out there. The Leonberger, an amazing breed from Rufus, sire to highest quality leonberger puppies availableGermany, has been recently added to the AKC list of new breeds. The Leonberger was created to look like a Lion for the town crest of Leonberg, Germany, but in doing so, also created a breed of dog that is devoted to their family, gentle with children and intelligent beyond imagination. We have been in love with the Leonberger breed forever and know you will be too. Our Leonbergers and their puppies are family. They live with us in our home and join us in all of our outside activities. Dogs and puppies have always played a major part in both of our lives and the privilege to own a Leonberger has been a true gift. We, at Timber Path Ranch, hope that we can bring this wonderful breed to you, to be your friend, your companion and the best puppy/dog you have ever had! After raising giant breeds for years, we decided to add consulting, as well, just for those of you who may have any questions.  All of the "girls" have just gotten the spring and summer off and we are breeding several females (details to follow, if all goes well).

We have just started working with a handful of PTSD survivors and the absolute wonders that these dogs can do for them. A dog truly does offer "unconditional love" in its' purest form. If you may know someone who may be struggling with this disorder, please let them know about us and the highest quality Leonberger puppies and adults available. Bringing some joy back into the lives of those warriors suffering from PTSD just cannot be described adequately. If you would like to sponsor a vet or make a donation for this cause, there are several great programsout there. The Veterans Administration currently has NO program for these brave soldiers to acquire a PTSD service dog and have NO idea just what it means to them. This is a life changing event for these men and women and our government just can't turn their backs on them. PTSD diagnosed service men and women, commit suicide nearly every day! Please do your part to help these suffering solders get on with their lives' and families by contributing to the funds listed below.

Please remember that our Vets' don't need a hand out, they need a hand up and must rely on you and not the VA, for this "hand up" to start. They fought for us and we need to fight for them!

Please don't forget to check and see Annie's' original hand drawn artwork and photos at www.etsy.com/shop/timberpath. If you get a chance, please visit some of our other favorite sites.



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